Michał, Ania and Andrzej participated in the EMBO Workshop in Bro, Sweden.

Michał, Ania and Andrzej participated in the EMBO Workshop “Molecular biology of mitochondrial gene maintenance and expression” in Bro, Sweden, where they had the opportunity to present their latest work on RNA primer removal and DNA repair in human mitochondria. Michał gave a talk as a part of the Maintenance of mtDNA Session, while Ania and Andrzej presented their project snapshots during the Poster Sessions.

This workshop was intended to highlight and expose the current frontiers in our understanding of the basic molecular regulatory mechanisms of mitochondrial genes by covering four major topics:

1) Maintenance of mtDNA

2) Mitochondrial transcription and RNA maturation

3) Mitoribosome and translation

4) Mitochondrial genes in cell homeostasis.

The aim of the meeting was to solidify concepts and define priorities and new directions, helping to understand the basic, fundamental molecular mechanisms of maintenance and expression of mitochondrial genes. The meeting assembled a group of leading molecular and structural biologists and biochemists studying these processes in various model organisms using interdisciplinary approaches. The workshop hosted 95 participants representing 38 countries and various scientific centers and universities including University of Cambridge (UK), Harvard Medical School (US), Max Planck Institute (Germany), University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and many others.


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