Karolina attended The Viruses of Microbes (VoM) meeting in Portugal

The meeting intended to spotlight the most recent advances in ecology and evolution of microbial viruses, virus structures and function, virus-host interaction, agro-food, veterinary and environmental biotechnology applications and phage therapy. This theme is allusive to the enormous scientific advances both in fundamental knowledge and biotechnological applications of viruses of microbes that we are recently witnessing and at the same time makes a parallel to the city of Guimarães, a symbol of the Portuguese conquests.

She presented a poster titled „Biochemical and structural studies of the newly discovered phage DNA polymerase EfaS-271”,

Karolina Zdrojewska, Joanna Morcinek-Orłowska1, Alicja Węgrzyn, Grzegorz Węgrzyn,Michał R. Szymański


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